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Before listening to this, take a piece of paper, and write down all the things that are stopping your from expressing your psychic & spiritual abilities. Do that now before reading any further.

The guided meditation uses a formal hypnotic induction, which guides you into a light state of trance, helping your mind to receive the suggestions it receives.

It initially guides you into releasing any blocks you have to expressing your gifts.

Have a look at the list you’ve written. Common themes are, ‘I don’t have any psychic ability’ (lack of self-belief or self-worth and doubt), it’s not safe for me to be psychic (fear), ‘I’m just imagining things’ (doubt), I can’t do what other (real) psychics do, they’re better than me and so on.

Now is it possible that the things on your list are not real, but are actually beliefs that you have? Beliefs can be formed from a number of sources, upbringing, culture, past lives. These beliefs can be changed. When you come to listen to the recording where it tells you to release all you no longer need, focus on all these things you’ve written down and the feelings behind them, and this will help this process start to happen. Part of your personal and spiritual development is to become aware of these beliefs & transform them into ones that support and affirm you as a spiritual and psychic being. Psychic & spiritual ability are a natural part of being a human being, but for many of us this has to be relearnt and remembered.

You might find this surprising, but for most of the people I meet that feel blocked it isn’t the ability that they need to get, they already have it. Maybe this is true for you as well? So then, your path is in uncovering your gifts, talents and abilities and allowing them to flourish. People you know who use their psychic gifts can do so because they allow themselves to do so. Most people who want to express their psychic abilities but find themselves unable to do it, are stopping themselves subconsciously, and not allowing those gifts to come forth.

This is where hypnosis can be a useful part of the process. Listening to the guided meditation will allow you to take on suggestions, directly into your subconscious mind (which is the part of you where you create from) that you now start to release your blocks and instead find ways of nourishing your abilities so that they can grow. Simple.

Well, yes. But just as if you want to train as a marathon runner, you’ll have to do a lot of training to get your body and muscles fit, so you now need to put the work in! It can be a common misconception that if one is really psychic, then one won’t have to do any work in order to make it happen! It is true that people can spontaneously and without any effort at all suddenly develop their psychic gifts, but for most of us we need to put a bit of time & energy in. Just as we would if we wanted to learn any other new skill!

So it’s important to be a little patient. This is your path of spiritual development, that will follow the call of your soul, and it will happen in exactly the right way that is perfect for you. Your intent is everything, and it is the glue that holds the whole process together. Have the intent and desire that you want to develop spiritually and you will. This is the process that I’ve been following for fifteen years or so, and for me it’s happened almost imperceptibly, little bit by little bit; yet if I look back to how I was at the beginning of the journey and how I am now, one could almost say I’ve had a complete personality change!!

You might want to listen to the suggestions contained in the recording as a one off. Or you might like to listen to it once a month for a few months, or every six months and so on, to keep you on the path of development.  As your subconscious mind carries out the suggestions that it has heard in the recording to release blocks and activate your abilities, it will start to let you know what the issues are and what needs working on – so keep your eyes and ears open for what is coming up for you. Joining a development group can be very helpful if you have one near to you, or you can keep a daily journal which will help you stay aware. Noticing the small details of what is happening around you and in you through writing a journal will help you enormously.

Having some guidance or assistance at certain points of the path can also help. I offer a number of ways to help. Firstly, for people who have been struggling and don’t know what to do next, I can offer an oracle card reading to give some pointers of how to proceed and where to go next. For people who have hit a block, a healing session or a past life clearing is sometimes needed.

I offer a 15 minute free consultation so please contact me if you’d like to have a chat about your development and ways in which I can help.

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