I have moved to Denmark


I have moved to Denmark and as some of you know, I am still continuing with clients via Skype and telephone sessions. I still regularly come to the UK though, so it is still possible to get an ‘in-person’ session with me. I’ve moved with my family to the beautiful town of Roskilde where there are many natural springs. Roskilde was once a place of pilgrimage (and will be again I think!!) and is a ‘holy city’. There are many many interesting sacred spots to discover and explore here, and I have started a facebook page to share some of these discoveries https://www.facebook.com/sacredspringsofroskilde

I’ve been making some essences from the springs, which each hold their own healing energy, some are for transformation, others heal the heart, another releases stress and promotes relaxation; they each have a very high vibrational energy. I’m using these in my healing sessions now, and can also send you an individually created just for you bottle of the spring essence via post.
Bright Blessings!

Rachel Goodwin.

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