my first workshop here in Denmark

Here it is. . . my first workshop in Denmark, this is a powerful year for letting go and transformation, and we’ll be working with the violet flame, as well as a sacred power point just over the road from the workshop venue!! Transformation-624x381

‘New Beginnings’ Past Life Workshop 7. maj 2016, kl. 09.45-16.45, Roskilde, 750kr.

This is a past life workshop with a difference! ‘New beginnings’ will help to clear any negative patterns and positively re-connect you to the knowledge and wisdom, talents and abilities from your past lives!! In this workshop, Rachel will use regression, sacred chant, chakra activation, healing and channeling and will also work with the earth energies present in the land here in Roskilde. We are being offered an opportunity to let go of negative energy, limitations and trauma from past lives, taking forward what has been good, and leaving behind the rest. The energy of 2016 is about transformation, completion and change, and in all endings there is a new beginning. Now is the time to start dreaming a new dream: we will finish the workshop with a sacred ritual at Børnehøj (just 5 minutes away) to help us manifest our dreams onto the earth, and set a new positive intent to take our lives forward.

Please bring a blanket and pillow with you if you would like to lie down during the exercises. You will also need outdoor clothes for our ritual at the end of the day. There are kitchen facilities, and you are welcome to bring your own lunch or it is 8 minutes walk to the nearest supermarket. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Rachel Goodwin is a qualified hypnotherapist, past life regressionist, psychic, healer, priestess and channel who works with her guides to assist others in spiritual development.

To book your place, you can use Mobilepay, but please contact Rachel first to check there is a space for you. tel: 71352695 email:

Venue: Himmelev Tandlægehus, Himmelev Bygade 49, 4000 Roskilde.

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