Connecting you to the wisdom of your soul


We tend to think of tarot and oracle cards as being able to predict the future for us, but actually they can go much deeper than this. We are creating our future in every moment, and the cards can help us gain a deeper wisdom so we can see how we can create the future we want to have. Often card readings can help connect you to the deepest truth of your soul and open you up to new possibilities, accessing your highest potential.

You can focus on particular questions or issues in your life that you are looking for answers to by using specific cards spreads; some examples of these are:

  • Life purpose spread
  • Finding a relationship spread
  • Strengthening a relationship spread
  • Insight/ understanding spread
  • Help you make a decision spread
  • Chakra spread
  • Abundance spread
  • How to bring more joy/ peace/ strength etc into my life spread