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Welcome to en-tranced!


It’s been a long time in the making, and here it is!

What I’d really like to share the most, is that all of these things, our ability to go into states of altered consciousness & our psychic and spiritual abilities, all of these things are a natural part of what it is to be human. We’ve forgotten that to a large extent in the western world, and then sometimes when we do remember we can also have a tendency to over-emphasise their importance. Our psychic and spiritual abilities are part of being human, not more than or less than all of our other abilities, such as our ability to think and rationalise, or our ability to love & have compassion.

But of course because many of us have grown up with a legacy of negativity towards our intuition, sensitivity and psychic gifts, we have much to overcome before we can get back on track to using what is naturally ours! And this has become a passion of mine, working with and overcoming blocks to fully stepping into one’s own psychic and spiritual abilities. This started with my own journey, and then carried on as so many of the people I see (or that I attract towards me!) are having many of the same difficulties. People often think they’re lacking in talent or ability, and invariably I can see quite clearly just how talented and gifted that person is! It is our cultural legacy that we unknowingly dismiss and disown our own guidance, and not just cultural influences, but inherited family beliefs and to add to it all, past life wounds are usually in the mix as well. There can be quite a lot to work through! But many of us are on this path & we are clearing the way for our (future) ancestors. It’s a beautiful work that we are doing! If you’ve been attracted to reading this, then you’re probably part of that work as well, and each step that you take towards becoming more of who you truly are, adds another note of beauty to the collective! As we become aware of what is truly inside us, (& discovered through the inner guidance that we learn to listen to) then we have a rich treasure of tools, dreams and desires to play with, and can create a most interesting life!!

The inspiration for the work that I do is to help each person I work with to find that rich treasure inside. I can do this by helping people adjust their energy systems by working on their energy lines so that things can flow the way they need to. I can also see the beliefs and emotional blocks that are preventing those gifts from manifesting & have many tools to help shift & transform those things. These are the particular ways that my gifts and abilities manifest, we are all uniquely different and wonderful!

Please take some time to look at the facebook page, as I will use this to share tools and techniques, knowledge and wisdom that have inspired me. Nearly all of the sessions that I offer can be done online via skype, so that wherever you are, you can work with me. I’ll also be offering online development courses as well – so sign up for the newsletter to keep updated.

Bright Blessings!

Rachel Goodwin

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